Data Recovery Solution for NetApp Systems

By | March 2, 2020

Today, if you analyse the market, you will find that majority of the knowledge-driven businesses access the Internet. The organizations should understand that there is a very fine line between Internet requirements and network security. It is essential that a perfect balance is maintained between the two.

Most of the organizations need a total solution that encompasses all the data protection requirements. It should offer a quick and reliable data recovery solution and at the same time provide a cost-effective storage of collective backup images. Storing backups on tapes may fall cheaper but the recovery of data can be really cumbersome and time consuming. The data recovery solution for NetApp Systems is a key method of compromising on neither feature and achieving both the requirements.

The direct backups that happen between NetApp systems, reduce the need for external storage devices and infrastructure. The data backup for NetApp systems only transfer changed or new blocks of data, thereby reducing network traffic, reducing the backup windows and at the same time lowering disk capacity requirements by nearly 90 percent. It enables you to backup more often as it totally eliminates redundancy.

Some of the data recovery solutions for NetApp Systems include:

SnapMirror Software: The SnapMirror Software provides a quick and efficient data backup and recovery by offering data replication between storage end points. It helps recover data due to accidental data loss or due to data corruption.

Flexclone Technology: The Flexclone Technology helps development and testing applications at a very quick pace, by the creation of instant and space-efficient data replicas of the entire Data ONTAP volumes along with the replicas at the individual file level or the LUN level.

NetApp Private Storage for Cloud: It allows you to utilize multiple cloud storage providers by retaining complete control over your own data on a private and dedicated Net App storage.

Data Fabric Solution for Cloud: It makes use of a hybrid cloud to achieve operational and cost efficiency. If a system failure occurs it enables you to recover the data from anywhere thereby helping to maintain business continuity.

Using these data recovery solutions enables you to increase the speed recovery and availability of data while reducing the data storage and network costs. It helps protect against mirrored corruption with the failover to the point of prior recovery. Tampa data recovery solutions for NetApp systems are very simple to implement and maintain providing cost-effective and highly reliable data protection.

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