QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Vs QuickBooks Recovery Software

By | February 24, 2020

QuickBooks is one the best-known accounting tools out there. This software allows business owners to be able to keep their finances organized and very accurate. It is able to handle all of your accounting, invoicing, payroll, credit card processing, and inventory tracking needs.

Being able to backup and restore lost QuickBook files can be a real lifesaver. If any of your files become corrupted it is best that you do not ignore it. Since corrupted files can become frozen and will no longer open. There are several corruption errors messages that can pop up on your screen. Which can include:

  • Missing accounts on your accounts charts
  • Transactions cannot be saved
  • Incorrect data on reports, like missing transactions
  • QuickBooks suddenly shutting down
  • Company file in use, please wait

There are two ways that you can use to fix file corruption. This includes QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery or QuickBooks Recovery Software. Both of these systems are able to repair corrupt or damaged QuickBooks data files.

QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery

QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery was created by the people at Intuit as a feature that will automatically backup your files. This software is able to support QuickBooks 2010 R12, 2011 R6 Pro and Premier versions only.

About one hour after you open up your QuickBooks file the built in recovery feature will perform an internal diagnostics on your company file. If the file passes the test, the program assumes that the file is good and creates a backup copy in the ADR folder. This backup process is done every 12 hours or will take place the next time you start QuickBooks.

It works to recover your data in two ways. Recreate lost transactions by using your current Transaction Log file and a copy of your Company file. You can also choose to recreate all but the last few hours of transactions using the same files. Resorting these files can be done through the Inuit technical support. But, they have released instructions on how you can restore your own files.

QuickBooks Recovery Software

QuickBooks Recovery Software is a program that was designed to repair and recover any damaged or corrupt QuickBooks files. This tool makes it easy to obtain important information that has been lost. For example, it can repair vendor, employee, and customer information. The software is able to work with most versions of QuickBooks, and can support the Premier, Pro, and Simple Start editions.

You will have to install this software right onto your computer. But once it has been installed the software is easy to use. To repair your corrupt files with this software you will need to select the corrupted file, scan it, and then repair it. However, this repairing process can take a few hours to work. There is a free version of QuickBooks Recovery Software that is available. However, since it is free it will have limited features that you can use.

Both Quickbooks data recovery systems work well. But the QuickBooks Recovery Software is the most user-friendly option. Especially since it is able to work with a wide selection of QuickBooks versions.

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