Ways IT Can Prepare for Mobile Forensic Investigations

By | August 30, 2018

Every organization that attaches value to its data and information, they need to brace themselves for the huddles associated with forensic investigation on mobile devices that access such data. Experts argue that it is more challenging to forensically audit mobile devices than is for personal computers. With the advancement in technology, companies are adopting different models when it comes to mobile access to its resources. Some allow their employees to bring their own devices whereas others supply their employees with company owned devices. Organizations that are required to comply with some security regulation can find it tough in cases where forensic investigations are to be done but they have no access to these devices.

An organization needs to prepare for forensic investigations on mobile devices used to access data and information that relates to the organization. Some of the most important aspects that need to be addressed by the IT team of the company include;

1. Align your information policy to grant the company right to access employee held devices.

It of the to carry out an investigation on a device or sets of on mobile that hurdles legally barred from accessing unless the owner authorizes it. Therefore,security regulations the company should make bring their employees consent to the advancement investigation of their devices on request by the company. owned devices provides company-ownedlegal backing to enable the be done mandated by the organization to carry out forensic challenging to. Every organization should make sure that it has permission to interrogate any to brace has been used in their environment to access its resources.

2. Carry out capacity building on your IT team before deploying them.

Manufacturers are increasingly making their mobile products more secure each passing day.This therefore calls for the IT forensic investigation team to be well equipped with knowledge on how to bypass new security features on devices prior to carrying out investigation on them. This will increase the probability of unearthing enough information from the device under investigation. The team should also know what to expect when investigating different mobile devices.

3. Allow employees to bring their devices but limit the authorization to a few.

When investigating a pool of mobile devices that access the organization’s resources, the organization is prone to use huge amounts of resources to get minimal evidence. This is because these devices run on different operating systems, some of which are incompatible with forensic tools which may make the tools to fail in some, among other challenges. Therefore, the organization should only allow mobile devices in its environment if it has the resources necessary to investigate them should there be need. The organization need to ensure that complex mobile devices that are resource intensive when it comes to forensic investigation are barred from accessing its information Technology resources. For these reasons, the organization’s IT team need to keep authorized mobile devices that access its environment at their minimal if it isto carry an efficient and meaningful forensic investigation from time to time.

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